Research Services

Our knowledgeable and skilled staff coupled with our search process enables quick and accurate turnarounds on all projects. All searches are performed by technology specialists, patent agents, patent attorneys, former U.S. patent examiners, and scientists.



▪ Full search report with prior art

▪ Electronic delivery of all search results

▪ Full text and images of the discovered art

▪ A brief explanation of the relevance of each document cited

▪ Search of U.S. Patents & Applications

▪ Internet access to your search results

▪ Search of Foreign Patents

▪ Customized reporting of search results

▪ Search of a variety of Non-Patent publications

Patent Search & Research
Patentability Search
Infringement Search
Validity Search
Clearance Search
Collection Search
State of the Art Search
Family Search
Classification Search
Assignment Search
Inventorship Search
Non-Patent Publication Search

Clearance Search, Freedom to Operate Search or
Right to Use Search

Our Freedom to Operate searches are designed to identify unexpired U.S. patents that could potentially present a possible infringement issue with respect to a particular product.  This search involves a careful review of the claims of unexpired patents to identify any claims that might "read-on" the product at issue.  Expired patents are also reviewed to establish what is already of the public domain.

Price: $100 to $110 an hour
Average Cost: $1400

Turnaround: 7-10 days


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